Current job openings:

Associate Veterinarian

(Emmadi & Ravi Inc DBA Valley Animal Clinic has an opening in Mocksville, NC) Associate Veterinarian: Diagnose and treat sick or injured animals by prescribing medication, setting bones, dressing wounds, or performing surgery. Inoculate animals against various diseases, such as rabies or distemper. Examine animals to detect and determine the nature of diseases or injuries. Collect body tissue, feces, blood, urine, or other body fluids for examination and analysis. Operate diagnostic equipment, such as radiographic or ultrasound equipment, and interpret the resulting images. Counsel clients about the health and deaths of their pets or about euthanasia decision for their pets. Train or supervise workers who handle or care for animals. Perform administrative or business management tasks, such as scheduling appointments, accepting payments from clients, budgeting, or maintaining business records. Plan or execute animal nutrition or reproduction programs. Establish or conduct quarantine or testing procedures that prevent the spread of diseases to other animals or to humans and that comply with applicable government regulations. Requires Bachelors in Veterinary Sciences or related and 5 years progressive experience. Must have license to Practice Veterinary Medicine in North Carolina. Send resume to Emmadi & Ravi Inc DBA Valley Animal Clinic 1243 Yadkinville Rd., Mocksville, NC 27028.